Think. Design. Create.


We are two brothers from Indiana, living in San Francisco to set our dream in motion.

People call us wood workers, but really we’re more than that. We are creators, designers and inventors; wood is our medium. Wood is mutable, moldable, has character and is limitless in its uses. We not only reclaim and repurpose wood, but have found that crafting and expressing our visions through it, also gives us purpose.

So what exactly does it mean to repurpose wood? Repurposing or reclaiming wood means we salvage pieces that have outlived their previous purpose,  remill it, and reinvent it. We expose the allure and charm of antiqued wood, giving it new intention.

We understand the importance of reusing materials. By saving and upcycling aged wood, we're not only creating something beautiful, we are preserving our forests and the world around us. For us, repurposing is more than a business, it is a way of life.

What does all of this mean for you?  We pair our passion and ingenuity with your dreams and ideas to create a one of a kind piece, place or space. We work with you to understand your vision so that what we create is as unique as you are.

We love what we do. Let us share it with you.

The Forrer Brothers.

San Francisco Showcase 2015


Repurposedgrain is honored to be working in collaboration with Kate Webster for this years San Francisco Showcase!


Facet,  a collaborative installation with Kate Webster for the 2015 San Francisco Decorator Showcase is a wood sculpture.  The artwork was designed and created to resonate with the existing architecture of the Presidio Heights mansion, and be reminiscent of the mansion owners themselves. We wanted the viewer to be able to move through this 20’ x 8’ sculpture, and not only see the transition, but feel the movement of the piece, inviting one's imagination . Featuring unique angles—bending, winding, and twisting—Facet curves like a roller coaster, taking your eyes from 2-Dimensional to 3 Dimensional and back again. The surrounding landscape  echoes the sharp points, strong lines, and exotic shapes, creating a balanced piece, thus composing a living, breathing and harmonious work of art.